15 Best Front Kitchen Travel Trailers

If you want to see what kind of front kitchen travel trailers are on the market today, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled 15 of the best front kitchen travel trailers (complete with photos) to save you time and energy in your search.

We’re confident you’ll find something you like! Whether you need something lightweight and nimble or you want a long RV with all the amenities, you’ll find it all here.

What is a Front Kitchen Travel Trailer?

A front kitchen travel trailer is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a travel trailer floor plan that has the kitchen in the front of the trailer. 

Front kitchen travel trailer floor plans have the living space in the middle of the trailer or mid-living, and the bedroom and bathroom in the rear. 

The right travel trailer floor plan can make or break your camping and RVing experience. We’ve included the pros and cons of front living travel trailers and pictures of the top 15 models to help you decide. 

Pros of Front Kitchen Travel Trailers

Front kitchens are a popular concept in other types of RVs, specifically fifth wheels. The most common travel trailer floor plan has a bedroom in the front, but a front kitchen layout has many advantages. 

  • Extra counter and cabinet space. 
  • Open concept kitchen and living area, great for entertaining. 
  • Some front kitchen travel trailers have a window in the front that lets in plenty of natural light and gives you great campsite views while cooking and doing dishes.
  • More bedroom privacy with the bedroom located in the rear of the camper. 

Cons of Front Kitchen Travel Trailers

There aren’t many cons of travel trailers with a front kitchen floor plan. However, according to RVers on various forums online, there are a few downsides to consider. 

  • Heavier tongue weight of the camper. 
  • Some have a curved front ceiling causing less headroom – a con for tall people. 
  • You will need to be sure to distribute weight evenly in your camper for a safe towing experience.

15 Best Front Kitchen Travel Trailers

A front kitchen travel trailer floor plan is a great option for weekend camping trips and full-time RVing. Let’s dive into the 15 best travel trailer floor plans with front kitchens!

1. Rockwood Mini Lite 2516s

Rockwood Mini Lite 2516s front kitchen travel trailer back to front shot
Length:25′ 11″
GVWR:7,772 lbs
Hitch Weight:772 lbs unloaded
Sleeps:Up to 4
MSRP:Starts at $51,800

The Rockwood Mini Lite 2516s might be the best travel trailer for couples that has ever been made. 

This travel trailer is less than 26ft in length and it has a front kitchen, dual slides for tons of living space, a full closet, an entertainment center with fireplace, a pantry, a decent sized shower, and plenty of kitchen storage and cooking space. 

This small-yet-powerful travel trailer has literally everything you need for camping or full-time RVing… and nothing you don’t!

Check out more details on the Rockwood Mini Lite 2516s here.

2. Keystone Bullet Premier 25FKPR

Length:30′ 10″
GVWR:7,600 lbs
Hitch Weight:725 lbs unloaded
Sleeps:Up to 4
MSRP:Starts at $49,000

The Keystone Bullet Premier travel trailer is another dual-slide travel trailer that’s perfect for couples and full-time travel. 

This travel trailer features a front kitchen with mid-dinette and a tri-fold sofa on a slide out. 

There’s an entertainment center with a fireplace and a mid-bath. Perhaps best of all: a king sized bed in the rear! 

Check out more details on the Bullet Premier 25FKPR here.

3. Dutchmen Astoria 2913FK

GVWR:9,896 lbs
Hitch Weight:1,097 lbs unloaded
Sleeps:Up to 5
MSRP:Starts at $64,990

The Dutchmen Astoria 2913FK might just be the most aesthetically-pleasing travel trailer on this list. This front kitchen floor plan is pleasantly white, bright, classy, and modern. 

This floor plan has white and gray cabinets, counters, and upholstery with beautiful gold finishing touches like faucets and drawer pulls. 

And since it’s a front kitchen travel trailer, there’s plenty of natural light from the extra windows: it’s so bright!

This floor plan has a dinette, loveseat, and entertainment center with a fireplace in the front. 

The bathroom is located in the middle with double sinks and a nice sized shower, with the bedroom in the back. This RV has dual slides in the living and bedrooms for extra space and storage – this makes it a great full-time travel trailer.

Learn more about the Astoria 2913FK here.

4. Keystone Sprinter 333FKS

Keystone Sprinter front kitchen travel trailer with kitchen island
Length:37′ 9″
GVWR:11,410 lbs
Hitch Weight:1,210 lbs unloaded
MSRP:Starts around $72,570

This front kitchen travel trailer has dual slides, a kitchen island, an XL pantry, two sofas, and a king sized bed with a full wardrobe. It’s not the smallest or lightest travel trailer, but it sure is beautiful!

The Keystone Sprinter 333FKS is a cooking-lover’s dream. 

It’s great for full-time RVing and entertaining, and it’s also great for family camping trips. 

The living space features a reclining sofa and two recliner seats for extra sleeping area, and the king sized bed in the master bedroom is perfect for stretching out. 

Of course, the kitchen in this travel trailer is the real star of the show. There are massive amounts of counter space and the stove is on the kitchen island – this is our first time seeing this feature in an RV. 

Learn more about the Keystone Sprinter 333FKS here. 

5. Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite 243FKS

Length:29′ 5″
GVWR:7,600 lbs
Hitch Weight:810 lbs unloaded
Sleeps:Up to 4
MSRP:Starts around $56,740

The Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite front kitchen travel trailer has a front corner kitchen, a dinette, sofa, and entertainment center with a fireplace in the mid-RV. 

The bathroom is located in the mid-RV on the camp side, and the bedroom has a queen sized bed on a slide-out and a full wardrobe in the back with an extra entry door. 

This dual-slide front kitchen travel trailer is a great option for couples and small families on either weekend trips or full-time RVing. 

There is a ton of counter space and storage space throughout the entire travel trailer, which makes it perfect for longer trips.

Learn more about the Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite 243FKS here.

6. Crossroads Sunset Trail SS257FK

Length:30′ 11″
GVWR:7,600 lbs
Hitch Weight:874 lbs unloaded
Sleeps:Up to 6
MSRP:Starts around $50,000

The Crossroads Sunset Trail SS257FK is a travel trailer that truly sets itself apart from the rest. This front kitchen model has a ton of storage space, a glass-covered range, a dinette and tri-fold sofa, and a king-sized bed. 

This is a seriously well-built travel trailer with plenty of storage space and thoughtful touches throughout – there’s even a pet station.

This lightweight front kitchen travel trailer is perfect for the cook on-the-go. Learn more about the Sunset Trail SS257FK here.

7. Dutchmen Kodiak Ultimate 2921FKDS

Length:33′ 8″
GVWR:9,680 lbs
Hitch Weight:782 lbs unloaded
Sleeps:Up to 4
MSRP:Starts at $59,000

Dutchmen makes great travel trailers, and the Kodiak Ultimate is no exception. These ultra-lightweight travel trailers are leading the way in lightweight travel trailer technology with aluminum framing. Many models are lightweight enough to tow with an SUV, mid-size SUV, and light pickup trucks. 

The 2921FKDS front kitchen travel trailer is a beast of a rig – this RV has a ton of counter space, a huge hidden pantry, a king sized bed and it even has a fireplace in the bedroom! 

There’s a lot to love about this RV – all of that and more, plus it weighs under 10k lbs. This particular travel trailer has a cargo carrying capacity of over 3,000 pounds, making it a great option for full-time RVers.

Check out the Dutchmen website to learn more about the Kodiak Ultimate 2921FKDS here.

8. Forest River Heritage Glen 270FKS

Length:33′ 9″
GVWR:9,925 lbs
Hitch Weight:1,125 lbs unloaded
MSRP:Starts around $46,000

One word for the Forest River Heritage Glen 270FKS: WOW. This front kitchen travel trailer is truly incredible. 

Starting in the front of the camper (the kitchen area), this RV has a ton of counter space. The counter spans the entire front width of the trailer and curves around the corner to the range.

A huge front window and skylight in the kitchen provides plenty of natural light, paired with the panoramic windows behind the recliner and dinette and it feels so open and spacious. 

This RV has a ton of interior and exterior storage – if you’re a full-time RVer or wannabe, this is a great rig to consider. It even has an enclosed underbelly with heating pads to keep everything thawed out even in sub-freezing temps.

The bedroom features a custom king bed, a dresser, overhead cabinets, washer/dryer prep, and a full wardrobe closet. 

It feels like the space and amenities you’d find in a fifth wheel, but in a travel trailer size (and weight)!

Learn more about the Heritage Glen 270FKS here.

9. Grand Design Transcend Xplor 255FK 

Length:31′ 8″
GVWR:7,695 lbs
Hitch Weight:548 lbs unloaded
Sleeps:Up to 6
MSRP:Varies, dealer stock only

The Grand Design Transcend Xplor 255Fk is the first front kitchen travel trailer on this list without slide-outs. 

This model is not currently in production, but you can find used rigs at dealers all around the US. 

Grand Design is known for high-quality and efficient RV floor plans, and this model is no exception. 

The front kitchen features a large countertop, pantry, and plenty of overhead and below-counter cabinets. 

The middle of the camper has a booth dinette and fold-out sofa, and the rear of the RV has a queen sized bed. 

This front kitchen travel trailer makes a great use of space and has plenty of storage for all your camping and traveling needs. 

View the Transcend Xplor 255FK on the Grand Design website here.

10. Intech Sol Eclipse

GVWR:3,500 lbs
Hitch Weight:445 lbs fully loaded
MSRP:Starts around $3,8650

Looking for something a little different and a lot unique? If so, inTech is right up your alley. The inTech Sol Eclipse is a unique and luxurious travel trailer – and of course, it has a front kitchen. This is the smallest and most lightweight camper on this list… you can even pull it with some mid-size SUVs, minivans, or cars!

There’s a panoramic windshield on the front of this camper so you can see the entire campground from your sink and stove. 

inTech strives to make small spaces feel large, and they’ve really done it with the Sol Eclipse. With plenty of windows and up to 6 feet 4 inches of headroom, this small camper feels huge inside. 

And the layout is really simple: a kitchen in front, a wet bath in the middle, and a u-shaped dinette in the rear that converts into a sleeping space for 2. 

Browse the photo gallery and learn more about the Sol Eclipse here.

11. Jayco White Hawk 26FK

Length:31′ 1″
GVWR:8,500 lbs
Hitch Weight:810 lbs unloaded
Sleeps:Up to 4
MSRP:Starts around $65,100

The Jayco White Hawk 26Fk is a great front kitchen travel trailer that has everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

The front kitchen countertop spans the entire width of the camper and then some, curving around the corner to the stovetop. 

The front of the camper has a pantry, dinette, and two theater seats with their own removable tabletops. The bathroom is in the middle of the camper on one side, so it doesn’t block access to the bedroom. 

The queen sized bed is located on a slideout for extra bedroom space, and directly opposite is a wardrobe, dresser, and additional entry. 

Learn more about the Jayco White Hawk 26FK here.

12. KZ Connect C272FK

Length:31′ 1″
GVWR:8,800 lbs
Hitch Weight:820 lbs unloaded
Sleeps:Up to 4
MSRP:Starts around $54,000

KZ RV is a brand known for unique floor plans and high-quality RVs, and we love the front kitchen C272FK travel trailer. 

This travel trailer has a large countertop that spans the width of the RV, a 70 inch sofa, a booth dinette, and a walk-in pantry in the front of the RV. 

The entertainment center features a TV and a 30 inch fireplace for warm and cozy vibes on cool nights. 

The bathroom is on one side in the middle of the floor plan, and the bedroom has a king sized bed, which is somewhat rare for travel trailers. 

There’s a lot of storage throughout, and the bright interior design makes this small space feel much larger than it is. 

Check out the KZ website to learn more about the C272FK here.

13. Palomino Puma 26FKDS

Length:29′ 11″
GVWR:8,193 lbs unloaded
Hitch Weight:975 lbs unloaded
Sleeps:Up to 4
MSRP:Starts around $37,000

The first of the Palominos on this list, the Puma 26FKDS is a great little front kitchen travel trailer under 30 feet long.

This travel trailer has a wide countertop across the width of the camper in front with plenty of cabinets overhead and below the counter. 

There’s a walk-in pantry by the entry door, and a booth dinette with a loveseat sofa on the slide-out opposite the entry.

The bedroom has a queen sized bed with a walk-in closet that has a washer/dryer prep, and a wardrobe beside it. 

This is a great travel trailer that features a lot of storage for it’s small size – it even has 4 outside storage areas on the exterior. 

Learn more about the Puma 26FKDS here.

14. Palomino SolAire 230FKBS

Hitch Weight:TBD

The SolAire Ultra Lite 230FKBS is a brand new floor plan from Palomino, first offered in 2023.

This front kitchen travel trailer is unique compared to many models on the market today. Most models have the counter in the front and all the appliances on the camp side of the camper. But this one has the refrigerator on the driver’s side of the camper, right next to the sofa/dinette area. 

There’s a closet to the left of the entry door and a pantry in the kitchen itself. 

The bathroom spans the width of the camper, but you can access the bedroom via the second entry if the bathroom is occupied. 

The bedroom features a king-sized bed and a wardrobe – this floor plan feels similar to the Rockwood Mini Lite 2516s, and we can’t wait to see pictures and a walkthrough. 

Learn more about this model that’s coming soon from Palomino here.

15. Venture Sonic SN241VFK

Length:28′ 4″
Hitch Weight:610 lbs unloaded
MSRP:Starts around $41,700

Last but definitely not least is the Venture Sonic SN241VFK. 

Venture isn’t one of the travel trailer mega-corporations out there, which also means their rigs aren’t mass produced. And that means… quality. They’re actually owned by KZ RV who is also known for quality builds.

This front kitchen travel trailer has a wide kitchen that takes up the entire front end of the trailer, and a jiffy sofa and booth dinette on either side of the living space.

The bathroom spans the length of the camper and the bedroom has a front-to-back facing RV short queen bed. 

This RV might not have all the frills of larger RVs, but it is well-built, aesthetically pleasing, and lightweight. 

Learn more about the SN241VFK here.

Hit the Road in a Front Kitchen Travel Trailer

Front kitchen travel trailers offer more food prep space, more food and dishes storage space, and oftentimes more storage in general. 

If you’ve ever tried to cook in a standard RV kitchen, you know how frustrating it can be… most of them are seriously tiny. In a front kitchen floor plan, tiny kitchen struggles are a thing of the past! 

This is a great RV floor plan option for anyone that wants to cook more meals in the RV while camping or for full-time RVers.

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